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Engine Reconditioning

Engine Reconditioning to OEM Standards or better

If you have a Truck, Car, Bus, Tractor or agricultural machinery engine consuming oil, blowing smoke, worn out or failed talk with the team at North Geelong recos.

They can take an engine that’s had it’s day and recondition the engine to OEM standard. If you’re in business it comes with the piece of mind only quality parts will be used.

All engines are
  • Stripped and Cleaned
  • Measured for tolerance
  • Checked for cracks with Dye penetrate and magnetic crack testing
  • The Head is reconditioned, valves seated, guides checked or replaced and all new seals fitted.
  • Cranks are ground if needed to restore tolerances
  • The engine is then re-measured
  • Assembled an packed
All new seals are used and If parts are not up to spec they are replaced or repaired to a high level. There is no substitute for high level workmanship and quality parts. It is these ingredients that will allow your engine to perform at an OEM standard for many miles to come.

North Geelong Engine Reconditoners can recondition Diesel Engines, Petrol engines and LPG Engines and each can be tailored to your needs if required.

Learn more about the machines and the process here...