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Exchange Cylinder Heads

Exchange Cylinder Head Service

North Geelong Engine reconditioners can re-manufacture cylinder heads, and supply new or exchange cylinder heads for most popular models. Irrespective wether your need is for a truck head, tractor head, a cylinder head for a car or Delivery van they can help you.

Cylinder heads can be up specked to work better with LPG or supplied as an exchange head to bolt straight on in a Gas powered engine.

North Geelong Recos can supply heads for petrol and diesel engines as well some of the popular heads stocked are

Ford EA/EF set up for LPG                Also new castings available                                      Ford 6 Cylinder Reco Head  Ford 6 Cylinder Reco Head

Ford AU/AU2 Gas Head                      Also new castings available

Ford Clev 302/351 Gas Head

Ford Winsor EFI Gas Head

HoldenV6 VR/VS Gas Heads                                                                                            Detroit 60 Series Cylinder HeadDetroit 60 Series Cylinder Head

Holden 5.0lt Gas Heads

Holden Vectra C20SEL

Holden Barina C14SE

All of the exchange heads sold are put through a rigorous program of Crack Testing, pressure testing and have been machined to a high level.

If you have a cylinder head that needs to be repaired, rebuilt or replaced North Geelong Engine Reconditioners are the people to contact.

For Trade customers, the DIY person or anyone in the Trucking and or agricultural sectors they have the expertise to make sure that your equipment will keep running reliably.